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  • What verification do I need to bring to obtain services at Partners INW? No verification is required. We may ask a few questions such as the number of individuals in your household as well as birthdates but no verification is required. 

  • How much clothing am I (or my family) allowed per visit? Bags are provided based on the number of family members in your household.  Coats may be left out of the bags.  Bags are weighed upon leaving the Clothing Bank.

  • How many times can I come to the Clothing Bank? You may access the Clothing Bank twice per month.

  • What kind of food do you provide? We provide non-perishable canned goods and boxed goods, proteins, fresh produce, eggs, dairy, bread and other staples.

  • How much food am I (or my family) allowed per visit? Food distribution is dependent on surplus; however, a family of three typically receives between 115 and 130 pounds of food.

  • What if I cannot come to the Food Bank during hours of operation? We allow you to send a proxy to shop for you.  Send your proxy, with a note naming them as your “shopper,” along with your name, number of individuals in your household with birthdates.

  • Do you deliver food in case I cannot make it to the Food Bank? Unfortunately, we do not have enough staff nor volunteers to make food deliveries.

  • DID WE ANSWER YOUR QUESTION? If you did not find your answer here, please call our office at 509.927.1153 or visit one of our community partners websites to see if they can assist you. 


  • Does Partners INW sell any of the goods donated? No.  All goods received are distributed to our community at no cost to recipients and in an easily accessible manner.

  • What types of donations do you need? We are always in need of monetary support, gently-used clothing, food, un-opened personal care items, un-used toiletries, diapers, household goods, linens, dishware and counter-top appliances.

  • Is my donation of items or money tax deductible? Yes.  If you plan to claim your donation as a tax deduction, and no goods or services were given to you in exchange for your donation, the entire amount of your donation is tax deductible.  If you received goods or services in return for your contribution (i.e. attendance at one our annual fundraising events), please contact us for the appropriate write-off amount.

  • Can I specify the services my money supports and what types of services can I specify? Yes.  You can designate your donation to a specific service or program.  This is called a restricted donation, and you should include the service or program to which to which you’d like your donation to go (i.e. on the memo line of your check or as a note on your online donation) when you give.  All of our service and programs accept restricted donations.

  • How do I leave money to you through my will? Through our association with Innovia Foundation, you can make a contribution to Partners INW Endowment Fund through your will.  For answers to your questions about how to include Partners INW in your will, contact Innovia Foundation at 509.624.2606.

  • What are the hours of operation for volunteers? We have many opportunities for volunteering Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

  • What types of things do volunteers do? We have various opportunities for volunteering.  Please refer to our Volunteer Page for details.

  • Are there part-time volunteering opportunities? Yes.  We appreciate any time you can provide and will do our best to work with your schedule.

  • Are there opportunities for a group from a church or business to volunteer? Yes.  We often work with youth groups, service organization, groups of co-workers from local businesses, etc.  Please call if your group is interested in a volunteer project.

  • Are there any restrictions on who is allowed to volunteer? Food Bank volunteers must be 14 or older.  However, individuals younger than 14 can sometimes participate in group volunteering events with proper adult supervision.

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