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In Spokane County 1 in 5 children live in "food insecure" homes


That means those families don't have enough food for every family member to lead a healthy life. This doesn't always mean that there is nothing to eat. But it can mean that children get smaller portions than they need, or parents aren't able to afford nutritious foods. This food insecurity threatens a child’s well-being and potential for success.

Food For Thought provides weekend meals for over 500 students each week to help improve school performance, academic success and cognitive development. 

Partners INW currently serves students at the following schools:

  • Adams Elementary

  • Bowdish Middle School

  • Broadway Elementary

  • Chester Elementary

  • CVHS - Central Valley Alternative

  • CVHS - Central Valley High School

  • Dishman Hills

  • ELC - Early Learning Center

  • Evergreen Middle School

  • EVSD - East Valley School District

  • Greenacres Elementary

  • Liberty Creek

  • Liberty Lake Elementary

  • Mc Donald Elementary

  • Mica Peak High School

  • North Pines Middle School

  • Opportunity

  • Ponderosa

  • Progress Elementary

  • South Pines Elementary

  • Spokane Valley Tech

  • Summit School

  • Sunrise Elementary

  • University Elementary

  • University High School




The percentage of Washington children under age 18 living in households that experienced limited or uncertain availability of safe, nutritious food at some point during the year.  (Source: Feeding America)

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