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Story of Hope

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Marilyn's Story

The most basic need brought Marilyn to Spokane Valley Partners - Food. Since that first visit she has found so much more just food. She found amazing volunteers who are ready to selflessly serve her family through food, clothing, diapers, coats, and holiday help. As a working household with two incomes Marilyn finds her family just above federal assistance eligibility - joining a large percentage of working poor Spokane Valley Partners clients. When resources are scarce and there's not enough to eat Marilyn finds herself just eating what is left on her children's plates. Hunger and poverty are complicated. Marilyn's family has experienced a substantial rental increase and care for two children with medical needs. Making an impact in the lives of mothers like Marilyn and her family is the reason Spokane Valley Partners was founded.

"I love coming to Spokane valley partners. They provide in so many ways. we are a working family of 6 and we struggle but they make survival possible."


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