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Families waiting on this snowy afternoon, were waiting for a lifeline, it was what kept them and their families from going hungry and having to make the difficult choice between paying for housing or putting dinner on the table. Many of those lining up are reaching out for the first time, they have never had to ask for help. An estimated 22,480 people in Spokane County are newly experiencing hunger. This is in addition to the existing 67,962 individuals who were suffering prior to this pandemic and continue to do so.

Millions of Americans have or will receive a stimulus check from the federal government as a result of second Covid-19 rescue package. However, some need the stimulus money far more than others. If you are fortunate enough to find yourself insulated and financially stable amid this crisis, consider giving a portion to those who need it most. While this could mean a donation to Spokane Valley Partners it could also mean take out from a local restaurant delivered to a neighbor in need. We hope you are inspired to invest in our community and invest in each other. We are grateful for your continued trust and generosity and will be here working to prevent hunger and poverty alongside you.


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